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Improving our clients’ sales effectiveness and sales success through effective ‘rainmaker’ strategies.

In many industries, the competitive focus is shifting from services to experiences. In account management, the client experience reflects the quality of the relationship between supplier and client organisations. Indeed, competitive advantage based on building global supplier-client relationships may be longer-lasting than competitive advantage based on services. Companies cancel services, but they less easily cancel people; especially those that have served them well.

Smarter run a series of training interventions to help improve participants' business development skills, tools and confidence, in order to win and retain more long term business that is underpinned by strong and stable business relationships.

Our courses are designed as an interactive workshop where participants ‘role play’ to help focus their needs to improve consultative selling skills, gravitas and credibility, in order to develop more successful client facing experiences. During the workshop, Smarter provide the experience and insight needed to develop successful client facing experiences; by leveraging experience from working with some of the largest and best known companies in the world.

Our Services include:

Professional Services Firms
a) One Day Workshop

·         Relationship Management
·         Business Development
·         Working with Procurement
·         The Role of the Lead Partner
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PSF One Day Workshop

Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises
a) Taster Workshop

·         An Introduction to Sales and Marketing
·         5W1H
·         Creating an Elevator Pitch
·         An introduction to Business Development
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SME Taster Workshop

b) One Day Workshop

·         Relationship Management
·         Developing a Marketing Plan
·         Pricing Strategies
·         Prospecting
·         Advanced Business Development
·         Business Opportunity Networking
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SME One Day Workshop

To succeed in sales today, you must “make it rain”. But rainmakers are not born - they are made; and every company can improve their sales effectiveness and sales success; through effective ‘rainmaker’ strategies and the application of best practice sales concepts. The following papers have been compiled to support the Smarter training interventions:

1.   Business Development                               4.   Master Service Agreements
2.   Account Plans                                             5.   Account Management
3.   Working with Procurement                          6.   The Role of the Lead Partner

Working on a discreet basis with only one or two clients at any one time, is a key part of Smarter’s strategy.

“The feedback comments at the end were very helpful, not only for me, but also as a signal of the confidence and ability of the team as well.”

Andy Peat, Head of Business Development & Marketing, McGrigors LLP

Contracts to perform sales training interventions are usually undertaken on a fixed fee basis to include: preparation, delivery, feedback and, all workshop materials & handouts.

Approved mentor for the Innovating for Growth Mentoring Programme, at the The British Library Business & IP Centre.

Designed and delivered a business development training programmes for the business development team of a top thirty law firm.

Helped design and set up a language school to provide ‘Business Russian’ to professionals.

Approved provider of leadership and management training to the London Leadership & Management Specialist Advisory Service.

Other projects . . .   Approved supplier and speaker to Business Link London.